January 10, 2019: Back to Ankh

Thursday. I wanted to sleep in some this morning, but I had an early morning meeting with a vendor to talk about a project with a customer. So I was up and working first thing.

Today managed to be decently slow. It was a nice day. Very sunny, too. Although by evening, rain had come and we had continuous rain all night.

Dominica is continuing her Golden Girls marathon and is up to the fourth season now. One thing that I really like about it is that I actually saw so little of this show when I was a kid that it is like having an entirely new 1980s sitcom to watch, but one that is very familiar and I know the characters. I probably have seen a lot more of the show than I remember, but always in bits and snatches, rather than going straight through. So I do not recall individual episodes in such a way, or a continuous story that I am able to remember.

Watching some original Star Trek and some Star Trek: The Next Generation this evening. Then it was a gaming night with the girls.

Both girls have been wanting to get back to the Ankh video game series again. It has been a long time since we played any of them and we all miss them. Those are great games and we have never actually managed to complete the first game of the series. We had somehow started on episode two or three, because Steam did not have the original when we first started playing, and when we got back to it, it just never got completed.

It has been a long time since we have played the original Ankh so we just decided that we would start over. That was good because when we went to play it we discovered that it had been reinstalled and our original saved game was no longer available anyway. We would have been very disappointed if we had not been planning to play it all again. Liesl remembers a lot of it, though, and so we were able to move through the parts that we know pretty quickly. Still a great game, very funny. It holds up well.

We put in a couple of hours on Ankh. I am looking forward, quite a lot, to completing the original story and finding out what happens. Then we can go on to the sequels and play them again. They have not been played since Liesl was tiny and Luciana cannot remember having played them at all. It is amazing to me now to realize that some of these games were games that Liesl and I were playing together when she was just four years old! No wonder she is such a hard core gamer.

We played a little Under Leaves, too. Luciana has completed that game in the past. There is no story, it is just a cute hidden object game. But a really hard one. Liesl and I have not really played it, more than a few minutes, so we did a few levels tonight.

While we were gaming, I ordered in dinner from Dominos. It came really quickly and was a delicious change of pace. We have all missed that.

Our last game of the evening was a little bit more time on Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull, which is Nancy Drew Number 17. I was quite surprised to learn that “The Top Tens” has ranked this particular Nancy Drew game as dead last, because so far we are really liking it. It is not our favourite, but it is very good. Alibi in Ashes is our least favourite, so far, I think, but we have not finished it or even gotten very deep into it. We did not play for very long tonight, maybe an hour. Enough to make some solid progress, however.