January 9, 2019: Cleaning Day

Wednesday. Today we decided that it was time to do a deep cleaning of the house. The house was not in that bad of shape, but it needed a good “spring cleaning” day for sure. This was a heavy duty one. All of us, including the kids, dug in and really cleaned everything.

I handled the bathrooms. Deep scrubbing time. Bleaching and scrubbing. I put in most of an hour easily. That was really needed.

I broke out the vacuum cleaner and pulled it apart so that I could cut the hair out of it and went through a few complete fill and empty cycles with it. I did lots of organizing too. Many boxes organized and put away. Even some furniture was moved.

A lot of more donation stuff went out to Paul’s truck, too. It is basically full now. I took the hard drive out of his giant old HP desktop that has been sitting around the house. Everyone keeps thinking that it is going to be useful or that the parts are worth something. I keep trying to explain just how ancient is it. It’s an old Windows XP box with an ancient CPU, almost no RAM, and even the hard drive was only like 160GB SATA drive. Several boxes of things, the chassis of that computer, two glass decorative vase things, and more all went out to the truck. And so may books are out there.

Getting all of that stuff out of the house did a lot to clean things up. That was several boxes worth of stuff that was just sitting around the living room that getting out to the truck really cleaned up.

The one big thing that we have not managed to do anything about yet is the standing desk that is covered with stuff that is still living in the living room. That needs to find its way into my office, but my office is full of boxes and excess furniture. So very little progress there.

Dominica and Paul did some work on the kitchen. And Dominica did loads of laundry, cleaning up suitcases, and such. The bar is looking good, the living room a bit improved, the bathrooms and bedroom are way better, the kitchen much better, too. There has been a bit of planning to look into doing some real kitchen construction work sometime soon, too.

On the docket for this coming week is another round of construction work on the second bathroom. There is a lot of finishing work to do, and Dominica wants as much of it as possible completed before next week when the Grices come to visit. Also a key reason for the intensive house cleaning going on today.

After several hours, the house was looking very good. It feels great having the house looking so much better. It has been such a mess for so long, we were starting to get used to it and ignore it. That’s never good.

This afternoon, around four thirty, our friend Kristen came over to hang out. Paul and Dominica made a cheese, olive, and meat tray for dinner. And Paul broke out the Nadura Scotch, which is always excellent.

Watching some Are You Being Served? tonight.