January 17, 2019: Judy Comes to Visit

Thursday. It is surprisingly warm in Dallas today. In the high fifties! We opened the window before going to bed last night.

Today is a lot of construction work on the bathroom. The Grices will be here tomorrow, so it all needs to be done today. And tomorrow, of course, will be another frenzied day of cleaning as we do whenever there are going to be guests.

My morning was not too bad. Dominica is working on website stuff for MangoCon which is coming up quickly in May. That will be on us in no time. There is a lot to be done. But we are getting advertisers reaching out now, and more people signing up and booking their hotels and stuff. So that is looking good.

This afternoon a dog showed up at the house. Paul found it in the back yard. We figured that it was from next door because they had left their garage open and driven away.

Judy, the dog next door

I walked over to the neighbour’s behind us and yes, it was their dog. The person who was there said it was his Godson’s dog and that he and the dog didn’t get along really well. So we kept the dog until the Godson got back home, which was nearly three hours later. He came over to pick her up and let us know that her name was Judy. She was very sweet and the girls had a great time taking care of her all afternoon.

We found out that another one of their dogs, Tim, had gotten away as well. Apparently they were not watching over the dogs very closely. When I stopped in to tell them that we had Judy she had been missing for twenty minutes, minimum. And at that point they had no idea that she was missing and he acting like the other two were still there. So Tim was likely missing for three hours before anyone even noticed, even after they had been alerted that Judy had been found!

I worked with Valentina a bit today. She had decided to work the day from a Starbucks in the ritzy part of Mexico City. So I got to watch the comings and goings of the cafe from our NextCloud Talk system. Her Apple Pencil died today, though, which sucked. Those are like two hundred dollars! One hopes that at that kind of price that they hold up a little.

The girls seemed to have a good school day today. And they loved the break to watch over the dog.

Paul and Dominica were busily working on the guest bathroom all day. And needed to do another store trip or two for more stuff. That seems to be never ending. A lot of trim tile got up today.

At five thirty the girls fired up Slime Rancher to play together. That game amazes me as to how simple it is, yet the girls still love it after hundreds of hours of game play. It really holds up well. They still get really excited to get time to play it. They have owned it for years.

Dominica, Paul, and I watched Star Trek: Voyager during dinner. Dinner tonight was “make your own calzone”. We got through three episodes, a record for us. Then Dominica and I watched Golden Girls for a little while.

This evening, the girls and I played a couple of hours of Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice.

We then read chapters three and four of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

I will be busy tomorrow. I am running interviews for another company via Skype. So will be tied up a bit with that. And several meetings on top of that.

I got some additional SGL catch up completed. Making good progress in October. About halfway through it at this point.