January 18, 2019: The Grices Visit Dallas

Friday. Today is going to be very busy. Paul has loads of work to do in the guest bathroom to get it ready before the Grices get here. Dominica is spending the day mostly cleaning and doing some work. I have a very busy work day with three interviews scheduled for me to run and two customer conference calls to run. And normal work. And then the Grices should arrive between nine and ten this evening.

It is very warm today. High fifties at the start of the day and high sixties by this evening. Got to have the windows open all day and the house never got cold. The inside temperature was sixty three when we woke up and was up to seventy by the time we went to bed! Tomorrow we get the cold front and we might see temperatures below freezing during the night.

My day was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to, or even remember, to eat all day. I barely managed to get coffee.

I started the day with Skype ringing to test it out. But I see Skype ring so seldom that I had no idea what was going on. Always a great way to wake up.

The first interview of the morning ended up being a “no show” at the last minute. So that made things a bit easy. But it was still very busy all day.

I had several hours of phone time today. It was a busy day for everyone.

Work did not wrap up until decently late. Then it was house cleaning time. The Grices left Houston around four thirty. Emily is not coming to Dallas. Instead she drove separately and is going to College Station to surprise Madeline at Texas A&M for the weekend. (She got there and managed to get a parking ticket in her first thirty minutes on campus!)

Paul wrapped up the guest bathroom right at the same time that I was finishing with my final interview of the day. The bathroom is finally done. It now has LED colour controlled lighting in the shower, which is awesome. And we discovered that one of the settings is effectively a black light so the shower looks a bit like a club with soap and scrubbies glowing like crazy.

Paul also did some patch work on our bedroom ceiling that was damaged several weeks ago when Ken had a beam fall through the ceiling.

We managed to do a bit of cleaning around the house. Not a tremendous amount, but a bit. The house is looking pretty good. It was not all that bad before, since we had done two major rounds of cleaning in the past ten days or so. I even managed to go through a little bit more stuff in the garage and clean up another shelf.

Everyone needed to shower this evening so the bathroom was in continuous use getting everyone ready for the Grices to arrive. Liesl and Luciana needed to shower a little earlier so had to use the “old shower” in Dominica and my bathroom. While Luciana showered I read her another couple of chapters of Squirrel Girl. It seems like we are flying through that book, but Libby (our e-reader from the library) actually says that we are now only one quarter through the book. Much longer than I had figured. She loves it, though.

The Grices didn’t manage to arrive until nearly ten. The kids were all very excited. We thought about doing a video game tonight, but we didn’t manage to get one started before everyone was just way too tired. The kids just played and ran around the house for the few hours that they had before bed time. The Grice kids, Garrett and Clara, had been up since six this morning so pretty tired. Liesl and Luciana had not gotten up until after eleven so they had all kinds of energy to spare.

Luciana does not want to start a new Nancy Drew game because they are already in the middle of one that the girls and I are playing together. So we talked about starting a Sherlock Holmes game, instead. I tried downloading the first one in that series, Sherlock Holmes the Mystery of the Mummy from 2002 (which is free to play from Steam for anyone interested) but discovered that it did not even begin to work on our Windows 10 system, so we did not get a chance to even check something out tonight. We will try something else out tomorrow.

We set up the air mattress in the living room, which required moving most of the furniture around to accommodate it. All four kids camped out in the living room. Francesca got the girls’ room.

By eleven thirty, all of the adults were off to sleep. The kids stayed awake until around one thirty or maybe two.

During the night it turned from very warm to very cold. We got some rain and the kids thing that they might have heard some hail as well. It is looking pretty poor for going to the Dallas Zoo tomorrow, which was the plan with the Grices coming up. They have to leave on Monday morning, so that means that we are going to be shooting for going to the zoo on Sunday.

Today was a very good work day. Busy, but lots of good wins and leads on work. We are very happy about all of that. We need to see some real growth and it really seems like things are starting to happen now. We have been needing this for a while.