January 28, 2019: More Huck Finn

Monday. Back to work. Nothing very special happening today. Kids were back to school and work went well. My really boring and entirely pointless Monday afternoon meeting has been removed from my scheduled which is awesome. That was a lot of time spent and nothing getting done. I don’t mind it, since customers pay for it, but it still is a lot of wasted time and something that I always have to schedule around.

Dinner tonight was salmon. The girls love their fish and Luciana asks for salmon regularly. It is one of their favourite foods. We watched Star Trek: Voyager while we ate.

Dominica and I watched some of The Orville tonight.

This evening the girls decided on a long shower and I read two chapters for them in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We are almost one third of the way through the book now, we are around Chapter XIII where Huck and Jim are about to start raiding the steamboat that has been caught up on a rock in the river. It’s quite a struggle for them to follow the story, but they are doing such a good job trying and they are enjoying the book even so. I am constantly explaining what is going on to them. So many words, culturisms, and accents that they can’t follow. One really confusing part is the use of the texas and texas deck as parts of a ship.