January 30, 2019: The Girls’ First Hamburgers

Wednesday. I had to be up by eight and watch an hour of video training to prepare for a nine o’clock meeting that we had this morning that ran until ten. So the first few hours of the morning were all dedicated to that.

Today is forty two years to the day that the crazy Blizzard of 1977 hit Western New York, when I was just about to turn one year old. “The start of a five day event that shut the region down. Snowfall totals reached 100 inches in some areas, wind gusts peaked at 69 MPH and snow drifts towered 40 feet high. The devastating winter storm resulted in 23 deaths in Western New York”, according to dad.

Dad had a very good visit with his oncologist today, but had a very scary drive home. He said that it was the worst driving conditions that he’d driven in for the past twenty years.

Work was not too bad today. We got some bad news that we did not get a big contract that we had been hoping for, however. But work was generally good and I was at my desk until evening.

Around six thirty I knocked off of working at my desk and came out to watch Star Trek: Voyager with Dominica and Paul. Paul was cooking his dinner as we started, then I cooked for myself and Liesl who had decided, after having tasted one of my hamburgers a week ago or more, that she would have one for dinner. So I made her an Earth Grown Soy Burger. I had to make it with mayo on the bottom side and ketchup on the top side because she likes both but is not okay with them touching, even on a sandwich. I accidentally included a slice of cheddar, but I don’t think that she noticed, she didn’t say anything. I even toasted the bun for her. She liked it and let Luciana try it and then she wanted one as well.

So I ended up cooking through two episodes of Voyager for the girls until just after eight. We were out of that kind of patty so Luciana got an East Grown Soy Cheese Burger with cheese included in it. I have not tried this variety yet. I made hers with the same mayo and ketchup, and with double cheese on a toasted bun.

This is amazing as neither girl has ever been willing to have a hamburger previously! This is a big step. So many more food options opening up for them. We eat this kind of stuff so often and have a fridge full of it and they always refuse to even try it. I am so excited. They both said that they were okay, but neither really liked it all that much. But it is a major step.

Luciana did not finish her burger, but she did like it. She found it very hard to hold together.

Tonight Ciana requested donuts and asked if, since we can’t get them tonight, if I wouldn’t go out in the morning and get them for her.

Dominica and I watched some Golden Girls before bed.