January 31, 2019: Carmen Sandiego

Thursday. Paul went out and got donuts this morning at Luciana’s request. From WinCo. He had to go out anyway as we were out of milk. And milk is kind of an emergency need around this house. I’m the only one of the five of us that doesn’t use milk every day. I actually almost never drink milk or use it anywhere. I use half and half in my coffee, but milk is only for my cereal which I do not eat very often. But everyone else is big on milk and has it all of the time.

Work was a little busy today. Nothing too strenuous.

For dinner tonight I made frozen pizzas. The girls prefer them, because of the crust, to the ones that I made for them myself. But I don’t make the crust, so I don’t feel bad about that. The frozen pizzas are really cheap, too. So it all works out and it stops them from demanding Dominos so often, which is much more expensive. It is like five dollars compared to twenty five dollars.

I spent a lot of the evening working with someone in Cameroon, working on opening an office there. It is a potentially great opportunity to work in the Middle Africa region. Very few American companies venture there, for mostly obvious reasons. There are a lot of challenges trying to do anything there. From logistics to corruption to communications to the expected war about to break out.

The girls and I made a night of it tonight. The three of us bundled up on the couch and first we watched Full House for a while, then we started the new Netflix series Carmen Sandiego which is much more than a remake of the 1990s television shows. This one is pretty serious and starts with a hard core origin story of the elusive thief. We watched the first several episodes tonight and are really enjoying it. There are nine episodes in total made thus far, but it is very good so I am thinking that Netflix will be making a lot more of these. Liesl is really into the show. Luciana is liking it, but not nearly as into it and she stop watching part way through our last episode for the evening. Each episode is set in a different country and teaches a little geography and culture.