January 5, 2019: Kids Need Alone Time

Saturday. Got up at nine. It is a bright and sunny today, kind of warm out. Very pleasant.

I went into the office, but didn’t really work. Paul was just hanging out in his office (the dining room) and Dominica was on the couch watching Bones on Hulu. So I just hung out in my office while the kids were asleep. I talked to Paula and Anny in Transylvania a bit. Anny is at Paula’s house, today is Paula’s sixteenth birthday. So happy sweet sixteen to Paula.

At eleven I got an emergency call from a client who had a Windows 2003 Server cluster that had died on them and they needed my help. That was an interesting and unexpected one. I do not directly manage that cluster, nor did I even know that it exists, so I was finding out all of the details on the fly. But after an hour and a half we managed to get it working again. Yay for Saturday work!

The kids are still reveling in their ability to be alone and have quiet time. Luciana set up the Steam laptop in their bedroom and is playing Steam most of the day. Liesl continues to hide out in our bedroom mostly watching videos.

Dominica has been watching Bones on Hulu on her own. But I came out to the living room and joined her in the afternoon and we watched The Golden Girls for a while until I needed a break, and then we watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, which is just awesome and one of my favourite current shows.

I did a lot of work on SGL today and managed to complete May, 2018, finally. This spring is really lean on SGL updates, because there is really nothing to report. I spent several months just completely “head down” working. Long day, high stress, and nothing of note going on. It was horrible. June is the last really tough month that needs to be updated now.

After Dominica went to bed, I watched some Star Trek: Enterprise. Not very much, just one or two episodes. I am on the fourth and final season now. I think that the writing is getting worse, I still have most of the season to go, but the third season was a bit ridiculous and the fourth hasn’t started out all that great.