January 6, 2019: Cheese Party

This morning was a morning of house cleaning. Real cleaning with furniture being moved, things being found a new home, etc. We managed to generate something like four boxes of donation stuff while cleaning, too!

Kat and Rachel are both supposed to be coming over today, so we have a lot of getting the house ready to do.

Dominica’s new food dehydrator arrived today. Francesca got one at Christmas, and Dominica has been talking about getting one for months. So now we have the same one. Her plan is to make a lot of seitan jerky.

Dominica spent quite a lot of time getting things dehydrating today. Fruits, fruit leather, tomatoes, etc.

It was a full day of house cleaning. We went through many boxes and filled Paul’s truck up with stuff to donate. Three boxes of books at least. All kinds of stuff.

Paul hung several paintings today and Liesl’s new unicorn decoration stuff in their bedroom.

Jim stopped by just before six. We have not seen him in months. I’ve been wondering what he has been up to. He needed to borrow a ladder and while he was here borrowing that, he picked up his air compressor as well. That was taking up a bit of a foot print in the garage, so having him take that with him helped quite a lot.

Kat came by about twenty minutes after Jim had left with the ladder. We did cheese trays for dinner. Dill, cranberry, chocolate fudge, and other cheeses. Kat hung out till about ten. She wanted to try out our Oculus Go but did not have enough time, she has to work in the morning.

Rachel ended up bailing on us, but without any warning. Just didn’t show up. But I was not really feeling like going out or staying up late tonight, so that was overall pretty good. Dominica and I watched some more Brooklyn Nine Nine before going to bed at a reasonable hour.