February 11, 2019: Lego House Assembled

Monday. Back to the work week. The weather got warmer again today, it has been a little chilly the last couple of days. Spring is attempting to happen, couple more weeks and all remnants of winter will be gone.

Luciana got stumped last night doing her Lego Mia’s House, but she nearly did it all herself. I had to help just a tiny bit this afternoon because she believed that some pieces were missing, but it was actually that she had tried to do the same step twice in the directions.

So Mia’s House Lego Set is now done. Liesl has not started on hers yet. Luciana went and got all of her other Lego Friends sets and brought the pieces and directions out into the living room and set up on the bar so that she could attempt to put them all together to assemble a huge Lego Friends village and make it into an epic Lego playset for her and Liesl.

Dominica and I dug into our finances today and decided that it made sense for us to tap our retirement account and use it to pay off all of our high interest debt (leaving just the car and the house.) Our account is riding decently high right now and the credit cards are a real problem. So I made the transaction and we are expected to get our money into our bank account on Thursday. A bit stressful doing any kind of transaction like this, but we feel good about it. The interest rate on credit debt is just a killer. We figure that it will take four years for us to replenish our retirement if we pay into it the same that we had been paying the credit cards every month, with a small additional amount of monthly buffer added.

Paul and Dominica went out to shoot pool tonight. So the girls and I hung out.