February 15, 2019: More Legos for Luciana

Friday. Today started out warm. Yesterday was incredibly warm. The sun was bright today and it was a perfect day for going outside. But it is not to last.

I tracked down my GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro gimbal today and got that charging up. It has sat idle for a very long time and I need to condition it. I hope to be using it quite a lot pretty soon. Rachel and I are starting to work on plans for a travel and beer show.

I worked until maybe a quarter after five. Stephanie texted to say that they were going to the playground that is between us. I got the girls ready and we ran out the door to go meet up with their friends. When we stepped out the door, it was clear that it was way colder than it had been during the day. It had to have dropped ten or even twenty degrees since anyone had checked outside. Liesl ran and grabbed a jacket and Luciana a flannel shirt to wear over her normal shirt and we were out the door. My girls are pretty responsible with checking the temperature and being willing to be prepared. Maybe because they know that just because they have a coat they know that I won’t make them wear it if they aren’t cold.

They played for maybe an hour or a little more with Isabella and Juancho, but it was very cold and got dark pretty quickly. A short day on the playground. But they had fun. And exercise.

From there we went to Walmart to do some more Lego shopping for Luciana who still had Christmas money left to spend because she had held some back a few days ago when we last went. The girls and I looked at some hot sauces first and picked up four new ones, we have been pretty short on spicy sauces at home and I have been wanting something with some kick. Liesl loves getting hot sauces and found it great fun.

Luciana struggled for a while with choosing what Lego set(s) to spend her money on, but finally decided on getting two smaller sets because one smaller set she really, really wanted and it was just the right amount to let her get two. She did a very good job of managing her money.

Before we left Walmart we happened to go by the scented candle aisle and since it was just us three we stopped for a bit and I let the girls smell all of the candles. Not something that they ever get to do and they thought that that was quite fun.

We had been thinking about getting tacos, but we have done that a bit recently and it has been a while since we had a real party night with just the three of us, so I offered to get Domino’s delivered and they were super excited. We came home, ordered pizza, and put on Full House which we watched all evening.

While we watched our show, Liesl snuggled with me on the couch and Luciana took over the bar (she loves sitting at the bar on the “new” bar stools, she does it every chance that she can get) and worked on her Lego sets all evening. It took her all night, but she managed to do both of them all by herself with my only assistance being to do the stickers for her on the second set (the first one had no stickers.)

This evening we found out that Dominica’s grandfather had an incident and we spent much of the evening waiting for news. We found out while the girls were at the playground but we have not told them anything is going on. By late tonight the status is simply that the family is staying with him at the house and will likely go to the hospital in the morning.

By the time that we went to bed tonight, the temperature had gone from the seventies, to just one degree above freezing! Totally crazy.