February 16, 2019: Movie and Board Game Day


Dominica and I spent the morning watching Fear the Walking Dead season three while the kids were still asleep. Paul had a pool tournament today. Last night he was tenth on the wait list to get into the tournament so he did not know if he was going to get to play today. But by eleven he had made it into the tournament.

Dominica’s grandfather was taken to the hospital mid-morning by ambulance. Very little change from last night.

Dominica is binge watching The Walking Dead to try to catch up. She tried to wait for me for a while (this is for the original series, not Fear the Walking Dead which we are currently watching together), but was already ahead of me so was rewatching with me and I don’t like the original series all that much. So we are four seasons apart already and I am not really into it. So we decided that she should just watch it on her own, she watches so much more television than I do anyway, she needs things to watch. She is now working through season six.

This afternoon was a movie afternoon. Kristen came over and brought a selection of Disney and Studio Ghibli films with her. So we first watched Wall-E which only Dominica has seen before. Liesl and I had never seen it. Luciana has not seen it, but was not interested. It wasn’t bad. It has almost no dialogue and yet told a pretty complete story without it, which was a challenge. Better than I had been expecting, but nothing special, either.

Next up we watched Spirited Away which I am the only one that has ever seen it. A very good movie and Liesl really liked it. She likes cartoons and loves anime, so perfectly up her alley anyway. It is a hard one to follow, such a weird concept and so steeped in Japanese spirit culture that it is very hard to understand from a Western perspective. But so well done and a good story with a nice ending.

We played two games of Clue, Liesl’s Christmas board game, tonight. Liesl won the first game, and I won the second one. The girls are getting very good at understanding how to track what everyone has guessed and know what cards people have that they have not seen directly. I’m so impressed with them. They both are constantly showing adults how to actually play the game and take it seriously.