February 2, 2019: Morning Bakery Run

Saturday. Luciana got up “early” and came into our room and asked if we could run to the Guatemalan bakery this morning to get pastries. She asks all of the time, but normally in the afternoon after it is way too late to go. Liesl just wanted to stay in bed. So Dominica, Luciana, and I got up and drove down to Belt Line to go to the bakery.

Luciana got four pieces of her favourite “sprinkly cake”, two concha so that she could share with Liesl, Dominica got something like popovers, I got something akin to a Nepolian, one “elote” thing, and some meringues. So that was our breakfast.

Luciana with her Concha from the bakery

It was a quit trip but the bakery makes the girls so happy, especially Luciana. She absolutely loves getting to go there. She really has a taste for the style of breads there. Perhaps because she was at just the right influential age living in places like Spain and Nicaragua and getting so exposed to this stuff that now it is something that she looks for.

Elote pan dulce; Corn on the cob sweet bread

It is a lot warmer today. While the north is still buried in snow, we are already into the high fifties today and the house was nearly seventy degrees today even without the heater running! It’s the first time in quite a while that I did not need to wear my fleece in the house. And it is great to not have the furnace kicking on all throughout the day.

I spent a bit of time watching YouTube videos today, mostly Geography Now! which I really like. I was half relaxing and half doing research on Middle Africa. Liesl was in the room watching something on her iPad, so I put on my Bluetooth Plantronics headset and watched that way so as not to disturb her since Luciana was in their room watching YouTube and playing video games and Dominica, as always, has the living room watching some television show that no one else has any interest in (some random medical show now, I have no idea what the name of it is.)

Liesl decided to join me when I made her lunch. She had New England Clam Chowder and some bread. So I put on Family Matters on Hulu and we watched that for a bit.

Later on Liesl got tired of Family Matters and we decided to restart Brooklyn 99 for her so that she could start at the beginning and know what is going on. She loves the show but only sees it from time to time in the fourth season so doesn’t really know the characters and I think that she would like it even more if we started from the beginning. So that was our evening. Luciana never really felt like joining us, so spent pretty much the whole day on her on in her room doing her own thing.

Kat was supposed to hang out tonight but at the last minute had to cancel.

Late in the evening, both Liesl and Luciana wanted to play some board games. So we started with “Sorry!” which I have never played before. I really hate these kinds of games. This one is not technically purely random, but it is nearly so. There is just the tiniest bit of strategy to it, and I really mean tiny. I won, neither girl felt like playing again. It went pretty quickly.

Then we played “Any way you slice it”, the Golden Girls board game that Dominica got for Christmas. I won that one quickly, too. But both girls did pretty well, they really know their Golden Girls! Getting points in the game wasn’t all that fun, so we just played some fun Golden Girls trivia for a while and really enjoyed that.

I made myself some late dinner, I had New England Clam Chowder and bread just like Liesl did earlier. Then got the girls off to bed.