February 22, 2019: Pappadeaux Lunch

Friday. Very rainy this morning.

I had an eleven thirty lunch meeting at Pappadeaux on Frankfort so that made for much of my morning schedule to make sure that I am making it to that. So, of course, day two on the diet and I’m going to a very heavy seafood restaurant. Maybe that was not good planning.

I had to get ready at ten thirty and was out the door by a quarter after eleven. So that was my morning, pretty much. I got to Pappadeaux right at eleven thirty and the guys were already there. They got alligator as an appetizer and I ordered the half shrimp po boy along with a bowl of crawfish bisque for my lunch. That was definitely more than enough food for me for the entire day! But boy was it delicious.

We worked there until it was one forty five and Dominica needed me to get back home so that she could use the minivan to take the girls to the movie theatre where they are going to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 with Isabella and Juancho. I got home right at two, when they needed the car, and just left it running and they hopped in and off they went.

This gave me a couple of quiet hours at home to work in silence.

I ordered a four hundred DVD binder from Amazon today. We are going to test out this mammoth binder approach to see if it will work to consolidate all of the boxes of DVDs that we have everywhere. In theory it is supposed to hold a full four hundred in one binder. If that works, I assume it will take four or five binders to hold the collection. Then they can be packed into plastic and stored without taking up so much space. But four hundred seems impossible, so I am waiting to see if it really works. To me it seems like it would be impossibly large. But no matter what, we need some solution to the garage full of boxes and soon.

Dominica and I went for a walk this evening. We are trying to get into the walking habit. We need regular exercise if this diet is going to work. Nothing crazy, just a loop around the neighbourhood to give us thirty minutes or so of walking time.

I made the girls pasta for dinner. Dominica and I had eggs. Pretty simple meals. Dominica and I are trying calorie counting as a diet plan now. I weighed in this morning, so we will see how this works compared to other things that I have tried.

Brian Watson called, he is hoping to visit Nicaragua in April. We probably talked for almost an hour. He has a 311 Cruise in a couple of weeks that he is going on. Then if he can, a week in Nicaragua. Then, hopefully, he will be attending MangoCon in Irving in May.

Liesl and I watched Castle in the Sky. She has never seen this one, and I have not seen it in a really long time. I have been wondering which Studio Ghibli film it was that had some of these scenes and somehow I had completely forgotten this movie from a title and subject perspective, but once we started watching it, it came back to me pretty quickly. This is one of the really good ones.

Luciana joined us and we watched an episode of Full House before going to bed.