February 23, 2019: Dinner Party at Watson’s

Saturday. Today is Rachel’s twenty ninth birthday and Ana-Maria’s seventeenth.

Brian Watson called this morning and asked me to come to a dinner party at his place tonight. Dominica will have to stay home with Liesl and Luciana as Paul is still in Medellin, Colombia and so we have no babysitter.

Today is day two of Dominica and I are on our diets. Watching calories today, within reason (since I have the dinner party tonight.)

Early this afternoon we went out for a walk to get our exercise in. It was great weather for a walk. We almost had to stop because Dominica’s instep was hurting, but I showed her how to stretch her foot and after that she felt better and was able to walk. So we got a full walk in.

We went to WinCo to go grocery shopping and stocked up on what we needed and got supplies to do baked potatoes for a late lunch.

Once home we got right to cooking jacket potatoes. They were delicious. I had been wanting them since last night and the girls even requested them today. So that was great. It has been a while since I had one. Sadly we could find no chives in the house.

By the time that the potatoes were eaten it was later than I had planned and I had to run out to get up to Sherman and pick up Kristen because I was giving her a ride to Watson’s for his dinner party. Dominica wanted to go but Paul is not in the country so we have no one to watch the kids. The drive up to Sherman always takes forever.

It was a long, long drive through the middle of nowhere to get from Sherman to Little Elm up on the lake to Watson’s house.

It was eight thirty when I got to Watson’s house. I’ve not been here in a year or two, I’m not sure when the last time was, maybe the fourth of July party when the girls got to set off some fireworks.

It was a small crowd tonight, just a dozen people or so. Brian was just getting the grill set up when we arrived. He did brats, chicken, and salmon for me (although secretly he wanted salmon too, I was more of an excuse.)

We hung around outside for a while, but it was rather cold. A bit hard to be outside for very long.

Dinner was nice and got to meet some new people. Hung around till about midnight.

On the drive back home via Little Elm I got to see a lot of new construction and developments gonig on in that area that I have not seen in years. It is really coming along up there and looks way more interesting than it did not too long ago.

I am starting to think that maybe the big houses up north might not be such a bad idea. I wonder what the kids would think about that. The prices up north are far lower than down where we are. I had not realized that Little Elm had such nice areas.