February 26, 2019: Hanging Out with Phillip

Tuesday. It is warm today. It was warm yesterday, too.

This morning was decently busy with work. I ended up talking to an old friend, Phillip, that I have not seen in a few years. We decided to get together for a beer this afternoon after work.

So I had a lot of work to do during the day to make sure that I was caught up and ready to be able to be out for the evening. Rodrigo is feeling sick, so we are already a bit short.

Dominica helped me to clean up the DVD cases that we have in the living room from my huge project two days ago. Once she went through all of the empty cases and verified that they were, in fact, all empty, then I took them all outside and put them into the recycling bin. The bin had been completely empty and I wheeled it up to the house to make this easier and we completely, and exactly, filled one bi-weekly recycling bin to the top with just the DVD cases. This means that if we were to do all of the DVDs, all at once, into the binders (if we had them to do it with) then it would take about two to three months of every single garbage pick up for recycling just to haul away the containers. And that is just the containers. We would have no means of putting out any normal recycling trash that entire time! And under normal conditions, we don’t have enough capacity for our recycling as it is. The only reason that we are able to keep up in any way whatsoever is because we have the fire pit thing in the atrium and Paul religiously burns anything close to cardboard, paperboard, or similar Before he did that, we were always falling farther and father behind.

I got ready at three and headed out the door at three thirty to get up to The Colony where I thought that Phillip and I were meeting at the Lava Cantina. On the way there, I drove up the center of Austin Ranch. I do not believe that I have been there before. What a great area. Too expensive, but it would be so cool to have a house there. Great location.

I got to the Lava Cantina when we figured out that our signals had been crossed and he was at Tight Ends in Plano. So I ran up there and met him at a quarter after four. We split some nachos y queso. I had some Pacifico. Not a great night for my diet. But I did not eat anything all day, so I at least had some calories available to work with. Between the two of us we didn’t finish the chips and queso, so only so bad. And Pacifico is kind of light.

We hung out for a while and had a very good time. Lots of potential business to discuss in the upcoming days.

On the way home I drove down Hebron and stopped at The Halal Guys to get a falafel gyro. I just got it to go and headed back home. This is actually my first time ever eating at The Halal Guys. Pretty close to home, an easy place to stop sometimes. I miss having falafel, good to know that there is a nearby option. Not as good as the food truck in Austin, but it helps with the cravings.

It was almost nine when I got home. Dominica ran to the airport to pick up Paul just before ten. He has been traveling all day from Medellin. They stopped for some McDonald’s on the way home, Paul was craving American food.

Paul got home around eleven. We all hung out for just a little while. He got Dominica a Colombian purse. I got a book about neighbourhood thirteen in Medellin in Spanish. The girls got beaded bracelets with their names on them.

I ended up doing some more work until rather late. Luciana wanted me to read her some of “Squirrel Girl” before bed, so we got a couple of chapters in.