February 25, 2019: Turning Forty Three

Monday. Today is my forty third birthday. And I am on a diet. So no dinner plans or cake or anything for me.

I worked during the day. A pretty normal work day, a little slow.

This evening around five thirty, for my birthday, we tried going out to a restaurant that looked good up in Little Elm, where we were interested in looking at houses. We did a drive up Josey, all of the way up through The Colony, through Frisco, up to 380 in The Colony. Traffic was horrible. We really experienced rush hour in the northern towns and it was so much worse than we would have guessed. I had no idea that Josey backed up for more than twenty miles! They need a highway running up this way.

We made it all of the way to Crosspoint before it got dark. Then we turned south onto the peninsula in Lake Lewisville and drove south until we got to El Dorado then west east over the bridge to Little Elm downtown. We stopped at a plaza on the Frisco side to try to get some fancy tacos, but it turned out that there was absolutely nothing that Dominica could eat there. She and the kids were starving, so to make things simple we just drove back home and picked up Taco Bell on the way there and ate that at home.

We managed to drive around and see a lot of areas where I am interested in houses, and see how the areas connect through the bridges, how long it takes to get around, what shopping and dining options are like there. Dominica agrees with a lot of my ideas about where houses seem to be a good idea for us. Where we can get the space, what the communities are like, where we would be located compared to now and so forth.

Tonight the girls wanted to watch Camp Rock. Luciana had been asking about it for a week and we had just found it while cleaning out the garage last night. While the girls watched the movie, I did some walking in the house to get exercise. Dominica recommended walking back and forth in the house while carrying weights. It seemed to work pretty well. I did around seven thousand steps this evening.