February 28, 2019: SpiceCorps DFW

Thursday. Super cold this morning. I got up at eight thirty and had to run around taking care of quick errands around the house before a nine o’clock morning meeting. I took out the recycling and discovered that the heat pump was totally frozen over. That is not good. It is below freezing out and the house is at sixty two degrees and unable to hold it.

Dominica brought in Paul’s space heater for me so that I could warm up my office. And she brought me a fleece. I had been really cold when I started my meeting. I was on the phone from nine until ten.

I ended up with a lot of meetings and phone calls today. Quite a busy day, but it went very well.

I started getting ready at four thirty to go out to the SpiceCorps DFW meeting that is in Irving tonight at six thirty. The meeting tonight is down at the Taco Diner right down the street from our old apartment in Irving. We saw this place for a long time, but I have never eaten there.

The meeting went well this evening. Probably more than a dozen people showed up. We ended up hanging out at Taco Diner until ten, then a small group went to Starbucks until eleven. For dinner, I had two tacos. One taco was mushrooms and poblano. The other was seared fish. Quite good. Some beans and rice. And Nick got the table some guacamole which was really amazing. I couldn’t help eat some of that.

While I was out, Kat and Tim came over to hang out at the house. Kat was just finishing The Breakfast Club when I got there. Then we watching Jhoom Barbar Jhoom. I have not seen that movie in many years. We only made it to intermission, though, before Kat fell asleep. So we turned it off.

At the end of the night, two people from the event tonight made accounts on ML. A third person is a solid business lead that I contacted before going to bed. And a fourth added me on LinkedIn. A pretty good evening, I would say.

And that is the end of February. SGL has been completely up to date for some time now. That feels great. And it is so much easier to write just one post every day. I am loving that.

Paul is having fun fishing up in Missouri. He is there today, tomorrow, and coming back on Saturday. Not a very long trip.

If business went as well today as it appears to have had, it looks like my plans to go to Nicaragua are going to be accelerated. Fingers crossed. It looks like I need to spend time in San Juan del Sur as well as San Juan de Nicaragua which is also known as Greytown. I miss it down there, that will be a really fun trip if I manage to pull it all off.