March 1, 2019: Dealing with Ransomware

Friday. I got my day started with a customer having an emergency that they had been hit with ransomware and they needed my help ASAP. Thankfully a break/fix customer and not a managed one, but still very bad. So that was my morning, on a conference call starting at nine and going for the entire day. One crazy day.

It was cold this morning, and I was in such a hurry that Dominica had to bring me socks, slippers, a fleece, and coffee to keep me warm while I started to work.

What a wild day. I didn’t really get to leave the office at all. It was a serious “butt in the chair” kind of day. I didn’t eat anything all day. The day truly flew by, though. I did not even really look at the time until it was almost seven thirty and Dominica and Kat wanted to order dinner! I had no idea that the time was passing. Over ten hours of work without realizing it.

Kat wanted Chinese and we have not done that in a while. So Chinese it was. Kat and I split some General Tso’s shrimp. Liesl got chow mein. Luciana got fried shrimp. We all split some crab rangoons. And Dominica made her own food, mostly, because she can’t safely eat anything that we get delivered.

The food did not come until eight thirty. But I was still at my desk working, so it did not really matter. It was delicious, but I was not thrilled to have to eat my dinner while working. My only food of the entire day and I did not even get to sit somewhere nice to eat it.

Paul was supposed to stay in Missouri until tomorrow night, but he was tired of being away from home, and there is supposed to be a big winter storm up there tomorrow with as much as ten inches of snow. Not a good idea to just hang around waiting for that to happen. So he drove home this evening instead.

Liesl tried her first crab rangoon tonight. But she waited until it was cold and she was not into it.

Kat went home at nine thirty, having crashed here last night. So she really got to see how much I work. She was here for a full twenty eight hours, and basically did not see me a single moment of that time, because I was either working or sleeping the entire time. The entire time.

Paul got home more like nine thirty.

It was eleven at night when I finally got to hang up the phone. What a long day. Fourteen hours on a single call, without a single break! But we saved the company. I’m very proud of our day.

The girls played online games with their cousins until about midnight. After wrapping up work Dominica and I watched an episode of Reba that she had been watching all day. Then I put on Star Trek: Enterprise to have on while I tried to get in my exercise for the night. It has been a very sedentary day.

Around one in the morning I did some systems updates and maintenance. I needed a bit of time to wind down and the laptop on the bar doing some tasks as I exercise and watch Netflix works pretty well.

I knocked off work at two thirty and headed off to bed.