February 4, 2019: Back to the Playground

Monday. It is a warm one today, almost eight degrees! It is so nice to have the windows open again and fresh air. We have been needing to air out the house a bit.

I worked all day, nothing to report there. Then after the girls were done with school and I was able to sneak away from my desk we went to the playground to get them out and running around. The weather was so nice.

Of course the playground was packed full. They played until it was dark and most of the kids were leaving. I did my DuoLingo while we were waiting. I am finally into the “home stretch” of the final lessons to test out of to finally have completed all of the DuoLingo Spanish stuff. It is so much, I have been just “testing out” for something like six months now!

The girls had fun but did not make any new friends or know anyone already there so were less than enthusiastic overall. But at least there was an hour or more of exercise.

On the way home we stopped at Taco Bell. The nacho fries are back and Luciana likes those, at least. We got our food to go and drove back to the house getting back just before Paul and Dominica were going to head out to play some pool. Paul has to practice for league, tomorrow.

The girls and I watched Full House while we ate our dinner. Eventually Luciana left to do her own thing, so Liesl and I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine.