February 5, 2019: Luciana’s Tough Day

Tuesday. This morning I was supposed to attend jury duty in Carrollton, my first anywhere, ever. But I was struggling to remember what I had to do today and did not remember that it was jury duty until noon! Oops. I called in immediately, though, and found out that had I called in last night like I was supposed to, I would have learned that we had been canceled for today and I need not have worried. So once again, no jury duty for me.

It was a slow work day, surprisingly slow. I only barely had enough going on to even keep me at my desk. I considered taking a break, but every so often there would be something and I would need to return, so making not being at my desk not quite worth it.

The girls had a fight over something today and Luciana threw the Amazon Tap at Liesl’s head. So Liesl was a little sore and Luciana was in big trouble. She lost all of her devices today and is stuck doing things with the family all evening.

Luciana decided to just lay down in my room in the middle of the afternoon and ended up falling asleep. She slept for probably an hour, got up to check on us, then went back and fell asleep again for several hours. All in all, she probably got five hours of extra nap time in. Apparently she really needed it.

Kat needed more cookie supplies and they all wanted to see some awful super hero movie that I certainly would not be willing to sit through, so Paul, Dominica, and Kat all went out to the movies for a bit.

Tomorrow is HomeSchool Book Club at the Carrollton library. Luciana read her book during the day. She read her Swedish vegetable folklore book that we own, the one that Liesl has a stuffed broccoli to match, both from IKEA many years ago.

After work was done and school was done for Liesl, Liesl went to her bedroom and read her entire book, one about dolphins who needed a human to rescue their baby, so that she would be ready for her book club tomorrow.

Then we watched Brooklyn Nine Nine for a while. I made us hamburgers for dinner. Once Luciana woke up she came out and we played Nancy Drew and the Phantom of Venice for an hour or two.