March 29, 2019: Bolivian Interview Day

Friday. Today was quite an adventure. Rodrigo started the day by getting hit while driving home from dropping off his daughter at work. So his entire morning was spent dealing with that. He is fine, just a fender bender. But the guy who hit him was not insured so what should have been a trivial matter turned into something huge. Apparently the insurance company picked up the uninsured guy and actually drove him to his bank so that he could withdraw the necessary cash to cover the damage. They are pretty hard core down there.

So the morning was very busy as I was actively covering for Rodrigo being out and lots of other people being busy. It wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon that we were able to start really getting down to business.

Our big task today is running interviews as we are attempting to hire someone today in Bolivia, again. We managed to get started with the first interview around three and had four to do, so it went until around eight in the evening. Very late for interviews, especially as Bolivia is ahead of us. It was a great evening of interviews, really the best that I have ever had. Four for four, we wish that we could hire all of them. It is very hard when you have so many people that you have to turn down, but only because they weren’t as “ideal” as someone else. Typically when we turn people down it is because they don’t have what we need, but this is very different. We really want all of these people.

It was a late night. Tonight Liesl and I watched more of Once Upon a Time.