March 30, 2019: Coding Again

Saturday. Super busy morning. Got up around nine and went into the office. Worked for a little bit, then decided to go out for about a one hour walk to get some exercise. I went by myself as Dominica did not feel like it. I’ve not walked since Sunday and I don’t want to lose momentum, so I went alone. She was glad that she did not go, it was way too cold and windy.

I got back to the house and worked on the phone for about two hours. Doing tickets and general support. I was tied up until almost three in the afternoon!

Our job offer for the candidate that we interviewed yesterday was finally accepted late this afternoon, so we have a new employee starting with us on Monday. That’s very exciting. This is our second employee in Bolivia, and our first in Cochabamba.

We had grilled salmon for dinner tonight. And watched some Star Trek: Voyager.

This evening was an all coding evening for me. It has been a long time since I have been tasked with working with production code, so this was a pretty big change of pace. I also got a chance to chat with our new intern for a while as well. We had a good time to talk.

I got a lot of really important coding work done tonight and feel really good about it. I was worried that it would be really frustrating and unproductive. So this is a big victory. I am not done with what I needed to do this weekend, but I have done enough that I know that I can completed what is needed. I have some good processes set up now.

Liesl came out this evening and, as expected, wanted to watch Once Upon a Time and we watched until two in the morning. Still maintaining a pretty engaging story line.