March 31, 2019: Another Coding Day

Sunday. The weather was much, much nicer today. Yesterday was so cold and windy. But the wind died down and things warmed up. It really felt like a great spring day today.

I got up and worked for a while this morning. There was a lot to do.

This afternoon, in the great weather, Dominica and I went out for a two mile walk. The weather was perfect. Really nice for a walk, a lot of other people out walking, too.

For dinner we had salmon tacos. Tasty. We watched some Star Trek: Voyager while we ate. Made it through two episodes.

I spent the afternoon and early evening doing a lot more coding. A very productive day. I have new code tested and being deployed to production tonight. And I built a new staging server. I’m getting into writing code again, this is fun. Especially as I am making good progress.

Dominica and I watched a bit of Brooklyn Nine Nine. After a while Liesl came to join us. Then after a few episodes we switched to Once Upon a Time and watched that until it was time for bed.