March 5, 2019: Finishing Star Trek Enterprise

Tuesday. Another incredibly cold day. My office was so cold today that I had to wear my hoodie, a nearly winter coat over it, my shoes all day, and even my fingerless alpaca woolen gloves to stay warm. Plus I had a few gallons of hot water sitting in the office to add some heat to the space.

My day started with a friend in California calling because they had a massive data loss at a client. Helping out with that took a large portion of my day. A lot of time attempting to do XFS filesystem file recovery from a file system that was accidentally formatted over and that has no working backups. That was a bit of a challenge.

Work was a bit busy on top of that. And I spent a bit of time working with Valentina on training.

Paul had a lunch meeting out today. So he was gone for a while.

This evening Dominica and I went out for a walk and got in a few thousand steps. We are getting better at keeping our exercise up.

Paul and Dominica went to pool league tonight. I made the kids pizza for dinner, did the dishes, and did some work standing at the bar. Tonight I finally finished watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I am now completely caught up with all of the Star Trek universe that has ever been released except for the new stuff that has not gone to streaming service yet.

Next up, I watching Hairspray on Netflix. I have never seen this 2007 musical. It was pretty good, strong cast.

I watching The Birdcage while I finished up exercising. Such a great movie, I have not seen it in a really long time.

I managed to do over fifteen thousands steps today! My Samsung Health app tells me that I just need to target six thousand a day, although I try to aim closer to ten thousand but have not hit that yet in a while. Fifteen thousand is pretty good. I burned more calories exercising than I ate today!

I’m loving our new Amazon Alexa Microwave. It is small, but it was affordable and works really well. Simple but works better than the fancier microwaves. And the voice control is just a cool novelty.