March 4, 2019: Almost Done with Enterprise

Monday. Another extremely cold day. It was twenty one degrees when I woke up today! But we are expected to be closer to eight by the weekend.

Work was busy, but not as busy as I had expected it to be given how busy we were over the weekend with the ransomware event.

This evening, I made pizza for Liesl (the frozen kind, nothing fancy) and my home made garlic, sage, butter pasta for Luciana. I have figured out how she likes it. Spaghetti pasta, butter heated while the pasta drains and liberal use of garlic and sage and salt. Butter melted and then the pasta thrown on top on top of the still hot burner and I basically butter fry or braise the pasta in the butter sauce. It gives the pasta a certain texture and works in the herbs. I’ve done it exactly the same twice and both times Luciana doesn’t just report that it is good, but that it is awesome.

I watched some of Star Trek: Enterprise tonight. I am late in the fourth season and well into the terrible episodes. In a Mirror, Darkly is the worst I’ve seen of the franchise, I bet. So bad. Totally worthless to watch. Good for working on my exercise while it is on. I’ve been working hard to get my steps in every day. My Samsung Health app has been helping that a lot.

For dinner I had a pickle cheese burger and a bag of steamed veggies. Only eight hundred and thirty calories and I wasn’t hungry at all. I wasn’t actually even hungry when I ate. I have no idea how I can go so long not getting hungry.

Dominica and I watched some of The Bob Newhart Show before going to bed.