April 15, 2019: Paul’s Birthday

Monday. Today is Paul’s 55th birthday. We spent a lot of the day outside. The weather is great. A little warm, the sun is super bright.

I was in and out of the atrium all day. We did what we could to get Lee up to speed on stuff as time allowed. It was a very busy day in the office, of course. But not nearly as bad as it could have been.

My afternoon and into the evening was crazy busy. I ended up covering two customer emergencies, but both appear that they are going to turn into major sales opportunities. So that ended up being great. Lee did a lot of listening in while I worked today.

Dominica did a lot of cooking (lasagna), and baking (a funfetti cake with cherry icing) for Paul’s birthday. We had dinner and celebrated his birthday out in the atrium. Kat came over to spend the evening.

After dinner, I stayed home with Liesl and Luciana. Everyone else went down to Arlington to go to Free Play and play video games all evening. They were out till eleven thirty.

Once back, we all hung out in the atrium with guitar playing and singing until the wee hours of the morning.