April 11, 2019: The Atrium is Painted

Quote: “NASA’s continuing investment in rocket fuel-based space travel is much like would be explorers of the 1300s spending all of their resources not on advancing sailing technology, but on the catapult industry.”

Thursday. Today is the atrium painting day. Paul and Dominica were painting by eight in the morning. It went all day, but was done by this evening. The atrium is now a light, sky blue colour, and the trim is bright white. Dominica said that it reminded her of something in Central America. I thought that it was more like a sea side cottage in New England. It gives the impression of spring. Tomorrow the new lights will be going up.

Our plan at this point is to take out the rubber tiles that are in the atrium, bring in a load of pea gravel and sand, do a little leveling out of the clay that is in there, put down some drainage, then put in AstroTurf. That will really make it look super nice, year round. And make it was better for just going outside and using it. And it would manage the heat in the house better. Just the new paint is going to do wonders for that. But AstroTurf instead of the nearly black rubber mats would go a really long way, too. Same for drainage, the current solution drains horribly. But getting in a layer of drainage, then going to a porous top would totally change the drainage situation. And that’s after the new gutters have already totally changed how much water goes in the atrium. We must only get about one third of the water that we did before!

Work was good today. Kept me busy. Had a very good meeting late this afternoon.

We were able to go back to fresh air today, it cooled down and we don’t need the air conditioning. We might make it through the weekend without it. Storms due to return on Saturday.

The girls are heading to their friends’ house tomorrow afternoon, so we will have some quiet time in the afternoon to really work on cleaning up the house before the weekend guests arrive.

Paul had league pool tonight. The girls and I played video games for a while. Mostly Sonic Racing Transformed online, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, and Screen Cheats. We have gotten really good at SSASR and the girls are starting to be able to beat me from time to time. And I was amazed to find that on Screen Cheats they were both able to beat me consistently. Luciana especially is really brutal at that game.

Nick stopped by for maybe an hour this evening and got to see the work on the atrium.