April 21, 2019: Quiet Easter

Easter Sunday. The Grices got up super early this morning and did their Easter eggs here at the house and were on the road before seven. Our girls slept right through it. I got up around seven thirty, but everyone else went back to bed. So I had a few quiet hours of working this morning.

The girls got up around nine or nine thirty and went searching for their ~70 Easter eggs each plus their Easter baskets. Luciana found hers long before Liesl did.

The girls both went for pretty quiet days today. Liesl mostly on her own, Luciana set up at the bar in the living room and worked on Lego sets for the entire day. She built three sets by the end of the day, all by herself! including some pretty big ones. Very impressive. And some really cool new sets that she has.

I spent a lot of the day working on uploading pictures from my phone. It has collected quite a backlog of pictures and videos and I want to make sure to get it cleared off. So I uploaded all that I could today. My Flickr account is over 21,000 images now.