April 22, 2019: Who’s the Boss

Monday. Nice weather today. Overcast and not too hot. Perfect for sitting outside. I was pretty tired when I got up today. The weekend wore me out. I felt super tired all day, today. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow, but today is just overcast. Perfect for using the atrium.

This evening, Liesl finally agreed to try watching Who’s the Boss with me. I tried to get Luciana to watch it, too, but she was having none of it. Liesl and I tried watching in my room, but the Nvidia Shield’s Kodi app can no longer show videos from our NAS device. So we moved to Liesl’s room and watched it in there. This is the show that made me fall in love with sitcoms when I was just eight years old in September of 1984. Overall, Liesl said that it was okay, but she was not that into it.

Liesl really wanted to hang out, but did not want to watch a sitcom. She kept asking for an anime, so we looked through the collection and found the first Tenchi Muyo movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love and we watched that. That is the one where he has to go back in time and save his mother in 1970. Liesl enjoyed that much more.

I hung out outside for a while before going to bed on the early side. I was pretty tired tonight.