April 24, 2019: Tired

Wednesday. I was super tired today. My night was just working all night. I worked most of the night and finally got a chance to lay down for nearly two hours, but basically could not sleep, and then was woken up by Paul that my phone was ringing and it was back to work. So almost no sleep for me. My entire night was one of dealing with spaced out AT&T support calls. They really seemed to have them spaced out as if it was engineered to see if they could make me fall asleep and they managed to push things off to yet another shift. So this morning I started the day working with the same people that I was working with yesterday, except I had been working four shifts straight, and they went home, had dinner, slept, etc.

So my day was basically a blur. I did, after working all morning, finally got the AT&T issue fixed. It’s been hell dealing with that for weeks.

I had a pretty slow day once I was through my morning hassles. But I was just so tired and never got a chance to really not stop working. So I just worked through the day.

I managed to make it to a reasonable, but early, bedtime and get off to sleep.