April 26, 2019: Korean Lunch

Friday. My day started off really busy. I had a lunch time meeting, so of course my early morning ended up just being totally nuts so that I was spending the whole morning rushing really quickly to get enough done so that I could get to the shower and get out the door.

I left with plenty of time to get to my lunch meeting which was supposed to be just eighteen minutes away, I gave myself double that time, just in case. But the moment I turned to get onto I35E southbound, I was in a parking lot and Google Maps was totally useless. It kept telling me that the delay would only be a few minutes, it was, in fact, about fifty minutes. It took nearly an hour for me to get just eighteen minutes away! So frustrating.

I had lunch at a Koren BBQ place that also did sushi. I went for a giant sashimi salad bowl which was amazing and pretty darn healthy. Quite different from what I normally get. I like sashimi but as a salad was quite different.

My meeting went for two and a half hours, so a pretty big chunk of my day. It was after three when I got back to the house. Luckily the drive back wasn’t so bad. Only took twenty two minutes taking the surface roads and avoiding the highway.

I spent the afternoon going back and forth working in the office and hanging out in the atrium. The girls had their friends over today until around six thirty. So they were off doing their own thing all day, I barely saw them. They were pretty quiet today.

Paul and Dominica wanted to play video games tonight. So they went to Free Play to play arcade games. The girls and I hung out this evening. I watched travel vlogs and discovered some new ones. The girls talked me into playing video games with them for much of the evening as well.