April 3, 2019: Mary


Dominica and I both felt like falafel gyros tonight. We tried to talk ourselves out of it. But we eventually gave in. As soon as I was done with work for the day I drove down to Beltline and went to Tasty Greek and picked up falafel pitas, hummus, salad, etc. for us. Paul was out this evening so it was just us eating. I brought the food back home and we ate our delicious, and decently healthy Mediterranean dinner while we watched 30 Rock.

This evening, while watching 30 Rock with Dominica, I got a text from Mary asking about why I wasn’t on Facebook any longer. We’ve not really talked too much since I was in Greece. We’ve both had so much going on and there just hasn’t been much opportunity and with my FB being gone, even casual observation isn’t possible.

Mary and I texted for less than an hour then got on the phone and talked for a few hours. There is so much to catch up on after all of this time. Both of us have had some pretty eventful years since we last spoke. So that was most of the evening. A little more television and off to bed after talking.