April 4, 2019: Second (and Third) AT&T Outage for the Week

Thursday. Today was pretty busy. This whole week has been pretty crazy and I am scheduled to work all through the weekend. It’s actually been a few weeks of super busy. But everything at work is going well, stress is down. Just busyness is up.

This morning was standard work plus a lot of dealing with AT&T today. This is the second time this week that I had to deal with AT&T outages. The competence level at AT&T is unbelievably bad. In this case, they even had their own phone systems internally fail while we were trying to get transferred. They own accounting department could not reach support, because their phones were down. Pretty much par for the course. At least we know that they aren’t failing to support their customers because their people are taking care of themselves. They can’t even do that. So technically that is three discrete and unrelated AT&T phone outages that I got to deal with just this week.

The last AT&T outage has been going on for four days and they can’t get their fiber working in Connecticut. This one is a DSL and POTS outage and we will see how it goes. Then there was their internal phone outage.

Around lunch I had to coordinate a physical site visit remotely.

This evening we had some customer drama happen, which resulted in hours of telephone discussion time talking about how to best address it. We will see how that goes tomorrow.

AT&T just missed their appointment to look at the downed lines today. They just didn’t bother showing up for their appointment even though three unique call ins were made for it. Total laziness.

We did have a meeting today about doing a project in Mexico City. Hoping to hear about that, soon.

This evening was just hanging out with the girls.