April 6, 2019: Back to Deponia

Saturday. I slept in and didn’t get up until around nine thirty. Shortly after waking up, the rain and thunderstorm that we were expecting this weekend arrived. Our new gutters did wonderfully and we didn’t get an atrium filling up with water like we have been getting for forever now. No more worrying about atrium flooding! And one step closer to being able to consider selling the house.

Today is the veterinary office network migration that we’ve been discussing for days. I got started right away in the morning and worked in my office until eleven at night! Yes, it was really that long of a day. Totally exhausting. And there is still a lot to be done tomorrow. Sadly, only one of our staff was able to be around this weekend so we didn’t get to use all of this time as training, really.

After I was finally done with work this evening, the girls and I started playing the Deponia video game series again. Liesl and I played the first two games of this series, and started into the third one, a number of years ago. But back then there were only three titles and we had gotten stuck on the third one and had lost interest. But recently she expressed a desire to play them again. But none of us really remembers the story from the original games any longer, so it just made sense to go back to the beginning and start all over again. The fourth game in the series was finally on a good sale yesterday so I picked it up. Now we are ready to play straight through the entire series for the first time.

We played for a few hours, then off to bed.