May 26, 2019: Oregon Trail

Sunday. We were all pretty knackered this morning after a late night of everyone hanging out last night. So a very slow start to the day.

This morning I got to see how my watch measured my sleep last night. Very interesting stuff. Supposedly I sleep for just over two hours of deep sleep, and more like four hours of light sleep. That will be very interesting to track over time.

I’m also enjoying seeing how much more I walk each day than I had assumed previously. I keep moving a lot. And it measures my heart rate and I have feared that my resting heart rate was not good, but it turns out to be between sixty and seventy two which is great. I have also learned that I was correct that when I eat my heart rate skyrockets, which is what makes me feel so awful after eating a meal of any size.

Liesl and I played some Spirits of the Wild together today. She has gotten pretty good at this game and beats me most of the time now. But I hold my own.

This afternoon, we got out Oregon Trail and Dominica, Kat, Liesl, and I played a long game of that for the first time ever. Liesl has been so excited about this, she bought it with her money from my dad that she got for Luciana’s birthday. Liesl has become our board game addict. Luciana spent most of the day playing video games with her cousins.

Kat and Liesl Playing Oregon Trail

Liesl won the first game that we ever played of Oregon Trail. Dominica and Kat tied. I came in last.