May 28, 2019: The Girls Try Greek Food (Again)

Tuesday. Today is our only day without guests, where I am actually home. Tomorrow I have to work in Tyler, Texas so will be away much of the day. And the girls have a birthday party to attend in Addison.

Rather quiet work day, overall. It’s like a Monday since it was a holiday weekend. So very little going on.

This evening, Luciana asked if we could try Mediterranean food for dinner. We were all in the mood for a change of pace, so this worked out pretty well. So around seven the girls and I went to Tasty Greek and got some dinner. I got the falafel gyro, and the girls got the vegetarian plate with all kinds of new stuff to try.

Vegetarian Plate at Tasty Greek

The girls tried hummus, tabouli, baba ganoush, falafel, dolma, spanikopita – they tried a lot of stuff. Overall, they did not like most of it. But they liked some, and were middle of the road on some. Hummus was the big winner of the evening.

After dinner we went to Walmart for a while so that they could shop for a gift for Juancho for the party tomorrow. They are looking for a Lego set to give to him.