June 4, 2019: Happty Birthday Dad

Tuesday. Today is the last definitely full day still in Dallas for us. We might be leaving for our drive to New York to catch our flight to Europe as early as tomorrow afternoon. So we have to be completely ready today!

I had to be up really early this morning, around eight. It was so soon after I had gone to bed that I really did not ever fall asleep. My watch showed zero sleep, in fact. Today is going to be a really long day.

I got up and showered and had to get right on the road to drive down to Irving for my day of working onsite with a client. I was doing pretty well on time, so was able to swing into McDonald’s and to get myself a coffee to get me through the day.

My onsite day turned into just a one hour meeting and I have to return tomorrow. So a little after eleven I was able to head back towards home. I swung into our local donut shop and picked up a little food. While I was there, Rachel managed to reach me to tell me that her phone and purse were missing. I looked around and located them in the minivan, but we also found out that our web server have been hacked so that was an emergency demanding my time. What a busy day.

I ran home and fed everyone donuts. Kat had stopped by, luckily I had some extra donuts, too.

I spent an hour or two frantically working to fix the server that was hacked. That actually went surprisingly well. I was able to write a script that cleaned things up and we were good by the middle of the afternoon.

From that point I had to run out to Plano to bring Rachel her phone and purse. She had slept most of the day. I got her her phone and she caught up with people who were looking for her. Then we ran out to Fuzzy Taco for Taco Tuesday. She took me out for lunch. I had the new grilled mahi mahi fish taco which was amazing. I grabbed two mahi mahi tacos to take home to Dominica, too. Then I dropped Rachel back off and she had about an hour before she had to be off to get to work.

I got home and got stuck right in to more work for hours. Still much to be done.

My evening was spent watching Karl Watson and getting everything ready for our trip. Dominica and Paul ran out and picked up Blue Dragon Chinese take out for dinner. I worked to get my phone all unloaded from pictures. I want it as clear as possible while traveling. That is always a lot of work. And a lot of videos to upload, too. I worked to not just upload videos that are on my phone, but also as much of the videos that I have from the Lumix, too, because this is pretty much the last chance that I have to get them uploaded so that Valentina can be working on them while I am gone.

Paul well out to play snooker with AJ this evening, while Dominica and I were busy with packing and travel prep. I had to download podcasts to my MP3 player so that I would have them for the flight. We don’t believe that we are going to have any in flight entertainment, so if we don’t bring things with us, we will have nothing to do on the long flights from NY to London, and London to Athens.

Dominica and I watched Kara and Nate for a while, then I turned in early. I was really tired and tomorrow could be a super long day. I got my phone pretty much all cleared off which is great. So loads of space for whatever I need to do on the trip.