June 3, 2019: One Week to Europe

Monday. We are now under a week until we are heading to Europe. It is getting real now. As of today, everything is focused on getting us packed and ready. There is still a lot to do. We have two days until the Grice girls arrive and we might end up heading out for New York right away on Wednesday evening. So we could be in motion in as little as two days. Or we might wait until Thursday morning. But either way, we are headed out really soon.

Relatively busy with work today. I am quite swamped trying to get everything ready for me to be gone for an extended period of time. So no time to relax for me. Dominica did a lot of packing today, and she watched a bit of Karl Watson to learn more about how to film travels.

Kat was here this morning. For lunch I ran out to Pupusa Dona Lola and picked up pupusas for everyone for lunch. This is the first that some of them have had the really good ones from there and everyone was super impressed.

For dinner tonight, Paul and I ran out to Olive Burger in Richardson and picked up Beyond burgers for the family. The food from there was really good and really cheap. I was quite impressed.

Tonight, Rachel, Lou, and I went to the Fox and Hound for drinks and to do some travel vlogging filming. We shot for about an hour and a half. Then I took Lou back to his hotel, then took Rachel home. Rachel was pretty sick when I got her back (she figured out later than she had taken some medication earlier in the day and was thinking that it had worn off so she effectively ruffied herself by adding in the alcohol.) So I got to spend a bit of the night making sure she was okay as she was getting sick for a while until Megan was available to take over.

I got home super late, and had work to do. So I quickly checked some of the video footage that we had made and saw that it looked pretty good, and then spent an hour doing some website work until I needed to go lay down for a bit.

One week from today we will be in Athens, Greece. A week after that we will be in our rented house on Crete near Chania. A week after that, we will be chilling in Italy! So much to do so soon. I have been away from Europe way too long. I am so anxious to get back.