June 6, 2019: One Night at Dad’s

We got up this morning at the Super 8 in Greenville, Illinois. Around eight or so. Had to walk Mia, pack up the room, and get the kids into the car. Before we could leave the hotel I discovered a loose whippet wandering the parking lot without a collar! I rescued the sweet dog and found the owner and let the hotel know what was going on; I had also discovered an open van full of dogs in crates in the parking lot! Hopefully someone does something, thankfully it was not hot at all, and the van was wide open so the dogs were basically lounging in the shade, so not stressed or anything. But clearly not being taken care of properly.

We got on the road and had a good day of driving. We made very good time and had good weather all day.

We split from Francesca, Madeline, and Emily at Batavia where we got off to go to my dad’s house where we are spending the night. Francesca is driving on to her and Dominica’s parents’ house where she, Liesl, and Luciana are going to be spending the month.

We got to dad’s rather late, but early enough to hang out for a little while. It was getting dark in Batavia, but was dark by the time that we got to dad’s. Mia had a great time, even in the dark, running around in dad’s giant yard. She has probably never been able to just run like that. She is so fast, it’s incredible. She is an Australian Cattle Dog (aka ACD) or Blue Healer and moves like a bullet.

We visited with dad for a few hours, then off to bed. We are going to hang around here for a while tomorrow, then need to drive out to Frankfort and get ready for the trip to Europe!