June 7, 2019: Peoria to Frankfort

Friday. We are at my dad’s place today. We have just tomorrow which we are spending in Frankfort getting ready for our trip, and then we are off to Europe with Emily & Madeline on Sunday! So much to do. What a crazy week.

We hung out at dad’s this morning. We have Mia so going out to a restaurant, like we tend to do, would be really hard. She has separation anxiety and cannot be left alone at all. And it is warm out, so she can’t stay in a car or anything. So to go to a restaurant means that we would have to sit outside somewhere where she could be with us under the table and we could not come up with anything like that around dad’s. So eggs, toast, and fried mashed potatoes for us today.

There has been talk for a couple of days that Mia might become our dog. She needs humans around full time and other dogs do not cut it for her. She seems so calm and happy when with us, even just riding in the car. And is so excited to see us when we return. Once Emily goes off to Texas A&M she won’t be at home to be around Mia all day and Mia will need to be crated which isn’t a very good life at all, and with her separation anxiety would be awful for her. But we are home all of the time, so that might be what happens.

We hung out at dad’s for the morning. Then we drove the Nissan Quest out to Frankfort, to Dominica’s parents’ place. Tonight we are going to the Franklin Hotel in Rome for dinner. Emily is attempting to eat all of her favourite New York and American food quickly before leaving for Europe and not having access to it for a month.

Liesl went crazy and got the seafood feast at the Franklin Hotel, friend shrimp (which she devoured), fried haddock (which was amazing, I need to get that next time that I come), and friend scallops. She had never had scallops before (that we can remember) and she thought that they were okay, but nothing special. She isn’t really that into them. Dominica got the pesto sauce gnocchi. I got the stuffed rigatoni that Dominica’s mom recommended. It was excellent.

After dinner most everyone went out for ice cream. I didn’t feel like food, and Emily doesn’t really do ice cream. So we just drove back early. We took Mia out for a long walk to the marina before it got too dark.

We all made an early night of it. Busy day tomorrow, then we have our super early morning and we cannot risk getting behind on sleep in any way.