June 8, 2019: Last Day in America

Saturday. This is it, our last day before heading out to Europe for a month for Emily’s Grand Tour of Europe (aka GT2.) We are in Frankfort, New York today at Dominica’s parents’ house.

We had to be up a little early today because we are starting the day at Dave’s Diner for breakfast. I had an egg and cheese on a bagel.

From breakfast, Dominica and I went to Syracuse airport to pick up our Nissan Versa rental car from Enterprise. We are using that in the morning to get to JFK in New York City.

Then back to the house where we had some time to relax. We spent a bit of time hanging out in the yard. The dogs enjoyed being outside for much of the day.

Lunch was Big Willie’s pizza. I had planned on skipping lunch today, but I can’t resist good New York pizza.

The rest of the day was all logistics. Packing and getting the car loaded up. We tried to get to bed as early as possible, we have to be up at three thirty to be on the road at four, to get to the airport by nine, to fly out a little after noon and then tomorrow night we will be in London!

Said our goodbyes to the kids tonight. It is going to be a long month without my babies.