October 10, 2019: We Booked Our Flights to Nicaragua

Thursday. Very busy day today, we have a new project manager with our team in Bolivia who starts this morning. He was supposed to start around nine thirty, but came in at seven and was already active since we had set up his new accounts last night! Impressive.

So my day was extremely busy. Any free moments were spent working with the new hire. And I did get some time, but very little. It’s been a busy week.

This afternoon it was finally time for Allen and I to book our flights down to Nicaragua. We spent a couple of hours ironing out all fo the details. There is a lot to manage. But at this point, he is flying down to Dallas with his wife in the morning on November 1st. Then we are all flying out that evening to get to Managua in the middle of the night. We will either rent a car or take a taxi from Managua to San Juan del Sur where we will be most of the week. Then at some point we will transfer up to Granada, spend some time there. Then on the morning of November 9th we will fly back from Managua to Dallas. And he will fly back from Dallas to Salt Lake City that afternoon. It is going to be one crazy week down in Central America. I am so looking forward to getting back down there.