October 12, 2019: Lazy Saturday with Dominica

Saturday. Today was my mostly lazy day. I didn’t have any scheduled work and Dominica is mostly confined to the living room couch. So I went out and spent most of the day with her watching Netflix and Hulu.

I managed to go swimming today. I got in a mile. Kat went with me, but swam about half an hour less than I did. I grabbed Taco Bell breakfast on the way there.

On the way home from swimming we stopped at Long John Silvers and got food for the kids.

We have been watching a bit of Designing Women which, in reality, is a pretty bad show. It’s a struggle to get through it. The writing was bad, it was all super boring and the characters aren’t likeable. But it is a classic from our childhoods, so we watch it some.

We watched quite a bit of Brooklyn Nine Nine later on, which is one of the best shows, ever. We made it through probably half of a season!

I had hoped for another family video game night tonight, but Dominica was not interested and the girls got involved in doing their own thing.