October 14, 2019: Hotels Booked for Nicaragua

Monday. After having worked until three thirty last night, I slept in until after eight this morning. I did not manage to go swimming today. Just too tired to do it. But I was very productive last night and happy with the work that I got done.

Today was mostly a normal, but solidly busy, day in the office. Nothing super special, a lot of time on the phone managing humans.

Allen and I put in a few hours on the phone tonight making plans for Nicaragua. We managed to get our hotels booked for the trip. In San Juan del Sur we are staying at Barrio Cafe San Juan which looks amazing, especially the food. That’s where we will be most of the time. Then for just a little bit we are staying at the Hotel El Almirante in Granada, right down the street from where I used to live. I had just found out this week that my old house had sold there, too! A bit sad that we can’t rent it again. That was a lot of work getting all of the details finalized. We are skipping Ometepe, it just doesn’t work to try to fit it into this trip.

Luciana tried playing Doodle Kingdom tonight on Steam and likes it. We’ve had a good run of new games this week.

For dinner tonight Dominica made some cheesy broccoli and rice casserole that was really amazing. I made her notate the recipe and put it on Pinterest so that we have a hope of getting that again sometime.

I watched some Taxi tonight while working. I miss this show. I’ve not seen it since I was little. It was a popular show when I was very young, but not one that I ever really noticed going into reruns. It is a bit surreal seeing it now. I remember it well, and yet don’t remember any specifics from it. So it feels super familiar, and yet every episode is fresh to me.

Tonight I found my old videos from when I taught Technical Web Design with HTML down in Castile from around, I think, 2005. I can’t believe that they have never been posted on YouTube before. So I got them all uploaded tonight. Super low quality, but they work. I have all twelve of them available in this thread on Republic of IT. At least good for nostalgic reasons.