October 15, 2019: The Escapist 2

Tuesday. A pretty busy day for me, again. I didn’t get up until well after eight this morning. I just felt like I needed the sleep.

I was at my desk all day. Nothing really special happening, a pretty normal work day. Lots of people management, and lots of code review and deployment stuff.

Today Steam had a big sale on The Escapist 2, which Liesl has really been wanting, she has played the original a lot. So I went ahead and got it for her. She is super excited.

The kids are going to the Texas State Fair tomorrow. That should be fun. There is just no reasonable way for me to go, I have so much to do. Nothing for me to do there, anyway. I don’t ride rides, the exhibits don’t sound interesting, and I can’t eat any of the food and stay healthy. So best just to stay home, work, and save money.

Luciana played some of the first Eventide game today now that we own the entire trilogy. She is excited about those. But after a while she let Liesl have the Steam machine because she was so excited to have The Escapist 2.

A lot of this evening was spent doing code reviews, staging testing, and pushing to production new changes for WasteWatcher.

My evening flew by. I have no idea where it went. I worked until close to seven thirty. Then the girls and I made rice krispy treats together. Then I ordered Domino’s pizza for dinner. While we waited for it, the girls played The Escapist 2 together on the local two player mode. They are super excited about that. Apparently it is a lot of fun.

Once the pizza arrived we watched three episodes of The Thundermans together while we had dinner. It is a “new” Nickelodeon sitcom that they really like. I have never seen it before.

Then I took a shower and the girls played video games again. Luciana had to take one tonight, too. So that they are ready for the fair tomorrow.

It was eleven thirty when Paul, Dominica, and Kat got home from billiards. Kat is staying over to make it easier to go to the fair tomorrow.

Before going to bed, Mia discovered a giant American cockroach running around in my office. She spent a good half of an hour hunting it and actually managed to catch and eat it!

Rachel was supposed to come over to work this afternoon but didn’t make it. Then was supposed to come over tonight, but didn’t make it. But she called around twelve thirty and we talked till one. Boy was I tired after that.