October 17, 2019: Day of Work Insanity

Thursday. I slept in a little this morning and didn’t get started on work until after eight. It ended up turning into an absolutely crazy and exhausting work day like you would not believe.

I got to my desk and was essentially on the phone for the entire day. Phone calls, emails, training videos, meetings, it just went on and on. I did just about every possible type of work today. I was a tech manager, a people manager, a ticket triage person, a helpdesk tech, a server engineer, a sales person, etc. Every hat you can imagine, all in one day, all day.

So really no news, in any way. Grocery shopping happened today. Cooking for Mia happened today. Tonight was billiards league for Paul. So the house was pretty quiet, although the girls really wanted to spend time with me today and I was just not able to be available all day, which sucked.

Even after the normal work day was over I was on deck to support a new tech on her first day out in Denver doing an on site with a customer there. And supporting an email migration that somehow was much harder than it should have been.

Scott Alan Miller by the Atrium

It was all that I could do to get a small break at ten to grab some food out of the microwave that Dominica had thrown in for me. Then I sat in the living room for two episodes of The Thundermans with Liesl and Luciana. Luciana had been requesting this all day. But I could only hang out for an hour. Then it was back to work.

I worked on an unrelated email project from eleven until one in the morning. I got the day’s SGL video filmed and posted, got the tiny update that we have written up. And that’s it. Off to bed at one thirty. Exhausted, but the day went well.