October 16, 2019: The Great Texas State Fair

Wednesday. Today the whole family, including Paul and Kat, are going to the Great Texas State Fair… except for me. I am staying home to work and to watch Mia. So really, I’m the big winner today.

The family was off to the Trinity Mills train station at nine thirty. And I went to work on what was an extremely busy day. I worked like crazy all day. So much of it on the phone. Lots of customer issues (issues induced by the customers, in fact.)

Kat and Liesl on the Train Returning from the Fair

So my day was very busy and the time just flew by. It was like the day never existed. I didn’t eat anything all day, either. It was just work, work, work. Even Mia left me alone. She was in the living room sleeping on the black couch all day. I almost forgot that she was even here.

The family got back from the fair earlier than I expected. The girls’ legs hurt from having walked so much.

I worked a long time, but we took some time for Dominica and I to hang out and watch some Brooklyn Nine Nine tonight.

Then there was more work to do and I stayed up until after one in the morning doing it. A very long day for sure.