October 21, 2019: The Silent Spy

Monday. Lots of tree debris outside this morning from the storm. The ground is wet for the first time in a really long time. That was a lot of rain last night. There are still 50,000 without power in the area this morning.

Work was super busy today. I had phone meetings back to back this morning. Then just crazy amounts of normal work to do all day. It was exhausting. But we did get a lot done. The team is getting stronger, for sure.

Very little to report for the day. Just so tiring. I finished up around five, I just needed to be done. I was so tired.

The girls and I immediately set up in their room to relax and played some Nancy Drew. We tried an older title but Luciana was not happy with the “oldness” of the game. So we decided to start one of the more recent titles: Nancy Drew and the Silent Spy. In The Silent Spy we travel to Scotland where we investigate Nancy’s mother’s murder. This is the most recently released title of the Nancy Drew series that we have played yet. It’s still pre-widescreen and very old school, but not too bad compared to other ND titles.

We played all evening. We all enjoyed this one a bit. Liesl controlled the game most of the time tonight.

It was a very quiet night. I managed to relax with my laptop and do some light work while we played the game together. I’m doing some work with the Sunshine English Project in Esteli.