October 22, 2019: More ND

Tuesday. Only ten days till we go to Nicaragua. That is coming up so quickly.

Today was another very busy day. I was on the phone pretty much all day, again. That is really exhausting. It is so hard for me to get anything done because people need me just all of the time.

I had some Big Fish Games credits to use and used them to get the girls some new video games today. Mostly hidden object games.

I was busily working, on the phone of course, well into the evening and Paul and Dominica ended up going to league night before I was even done!

I made pizza at home for Luciana tonight. Liesl and I wanted Chinese and so we ordered in from One China. That’s enough food to last us a few days, for sure. Liesl was very excited to get to order Chinese tonight. She wanted General Tso’s shrimp. I got the house tofu and some crab rangoons. As always, I stock her up on lo mein because she will happily eat that for days.

We ate dinner and played some Nancy Drew and the Silent Spy in the living room. We set up there so that Dominica and Kat could participate, too. Paul went to bed early as he is leaving to go to Wisconsin in the morning.

We got an hour or two in on the game but it was hard to keep people focused so our progress was very much slowed.